Can't flush toilet paper in mexico

2020-03-31 17:27

How can the answer be improved?Aug 16, 2011 In Mexico, the general rule is, if there is a lined wastebasket next to the toilet, always put your used tp in there. This does not apply to all hotels and many AIs, as they have their own separate septic systems. But if you go to a local restaurant or stay in a smaller hotel, you should not flush if you see the wastebasket or a sign. can't flush toilet paper in mexico

Mar 15, 2008  Best Answer: The reason why is because in Mexico the septic is not as good as it is here and it can't hold the toilet paper without backing it up. So

About the Toilet in Mexico. If there is a wastepaper basket next to a toilet in Mexico, it means you are to deposit your used toilet paper in the wastepaper basket. The wastebasket's placement may mean that a septic system is in use which can't handle loads of toilet paper without expensive maintenance. The ability to flush toilet paper requires more advanced sewage systems. It is not just Mexico, it is most of the rest of the world that doesnt flush paper. To be quite honest, it would save billions of dollars, in sewage treatment, and septic problems, if we would stop flushing anything but human excrement.can't flush toilet paper in mexico Feb 25, 2014  To Flush or Not to Flush, that is the Question! Bathroom etiquette in Mexico! Traveling in Mxico, well shoot, even at Mexican restaurants, bars, discos in the United States you will notice the trash can! Toilet paper is NOT flushed because of clogging drains, filtering water, and the lack of modern sewage systems. You see, in Mexico,

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The biggest positive shock in Mexico Mexican toilets. Do not flush the used toilet paper into the toilet bowl but throw it into a bin next to the toilet. This rule was pretty weird for me (and a bit disgusting) the first couple of weeks in Mexico until I got used to it. It was a can't flush toilet paper in mexico May 09, 2014 Paper will plug the system up and will eventually require that it be removed by hand. That is why you shouldn't flush TP down the toilet anywhere in Mexico. Some places will have signs requesting that you not flush TP and some won't but even without the sign you should not do it. May 01, 2008 J. Brad Grieve. But here in Mexico, the debate includes whether or not the toilet paper should be discarded into the toilet at all. Yes, this is a dirty topic. However it is a common to question about whether or not one can throw the toilet paper into the toilet. The answer is a definite maybe.

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