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2020-03-29 19:39

Mass UFO Sighting Over Mexico UFOs Floating In The Sky UFO Caught On Camera 2017! ! Alien Planet Channel comes up with Latest UFOAlien Sightings Videos. UFO sightings in outer house are sightings of unidentified flying objects reported by astronauts whereas inDid you know that Mexico is home to some of the most famous UFO sightings of alltime? From its majestic volcanoes to its busy city streets, aliens appear to be fascinated by many aspects of the country! Check out the top UFO sightings in Mexico, which include beautiful orbs of light and flying saucers mass ufo sighting mexico

UFOs FILMED OVER MEXICO CITY JULY 11 TH 1991. On July 11th 1991 an unprecedented UFO sighting occurred above the worlds largest city, Mexico City, and simultaneously over several other cities around Mexico. Witnessed by thousands of people, and

Dec 03, 2018 In the following video, a mass UFO sighting occurs around the 16: 50 marker: In this sighting that occurred on September 26, 2018 in Bogota, Columbia, SIX different angles were captured from various witnesses. Latest UFO Sighting in Mexico City. August 17, 2018. There was a mass UFO sighting at 11: 00 today in Mexico City, Mexico. Three cylindrical shaped UFOs were spotted coming out of the clouds high up in the sky. The event was witnessed by no less than fifty witnesses. An entire block of people were standing outside when the saw the UFOs.mass ufo sighting mexico Sep 08, 2015 Mass UFO Sighting in Mexico 2015 Real UFO Caught On Tape UFO Sightings 2015 Real UFO videos This video shows Mass UFO sightings from Mexico. It was a sunny sky and many White Dots like UFO

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