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Costa Rica Has a Sea Turtle EggPoaching Problem. 113 Dead Sea Turtles Washed Up on a Mexico Beach, and No One Knows Why. LiveScience. The Galpagos Islands: Laboratory of Evolution.Illegal Poaching of Sea Turtles. Despite laws protecting sea turtles in most countries, the illegal trade of eggs, meat, and shells (known as poaching) of turtles continues to be a major threat to their survival. These animals are harvested for their meat and eggs which are used for human consumption and in some places are considered a delicacy. sea turtle poaching mexico

For every 1, 000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto, demanding that Mexico protect sea turtles from illegal poaching. With more than 35, 000 slaughtered off the coast of Baja California Sur each year, six out of the seven subspecies of sea turtles are endangered, according to WILDCOAST an international ecosystems and wildlife conservation team.

Sea Turtles in Mexico. Sea Turtles are found in all of the worlds oceans, with exception of the arctic. There are seven species of Sea Turtle, and six of these arrive to lay eggs each year on beaches across Mexico. Although Sea Turtles live most of their lives at sea (and mate at sea) the females must return to land to lay their eggs. One POACHING& THREATS. Factors directly killing subadult and adult sea turtles are oil spills; ghost nets, loose or lots nets that drift in the sea; bycatch, the accidental capture of unwanted sea life while fishing; as well as collisions between swimming sea turtles and vessels or their propellers.sea turtle poaching mexico Nov. 30, 2015 Olive ridley sea turtles are a threatened species, and the Mexican government has made it illegal This is a story of two species on the beaches of Mexico fighting to survive. This is Miguel. Hes from a village on the beach. And like many people here, he started poaching eggs when he was a young boy. Miguel (Spanish

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MEXICO CITY, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) Conservationists in Mexico and Panama began the week battling sea turtle poachers targeting the eggs of the endangered species. In Mexico, authorities on Monday arrested two people in possession of 158 marine turtle eggs sea turtle poaching mexico In Mexico, turtle egg thieves can go to prison for up to nine years. As a new film shows, that doesnt stop them from stealing. Here at Wildlife Watch, we spotlight these wellknown crimes. But we also expose lesser known wildlife crimes. Take the egg poaching of olive ridley sea turtles. At certain times of the year, thousands of them invade the shores of Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Panama, and Nicaragua to May 24, 2006 Conservationists in Mexico and the United States have launched Don't Eat Sea Turtle campaigns in order to reduce the urban black market trade in sea turtle products. These campaigns have involved figures such as Pope John Paul II, Dorismar, Los Tigres del Norte and Mana. Oct 27, 2017  Poaching of sea turtles has been taking place for hundreds of years. Even this year, when I was working in turtle research, on the drug trail beaches of Costa Rica, it was normal to see an intoxicated poacher walking behind me, armed with a machete and on the lookout for turtles. Police Search Truck Full Of Plastic Bags And Find These Inside. Despite legal protections in many countries, poaching and trafficking continue to be a threat to most species of sea turtles. [In Mexico, they are usually sold to bars or restaurants and eaten raw,

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