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The official state flag of New Mexico was chosen from a flag competition in 1920 (the competition was held to replace an older New Mexico flag). The winner was Dr. Harry Mera, a doctor and archeologist from Santa Fe, New Mexico.Roadrunner (The Chaparral Bird) The official state bird of New Mexico is the chaparral bird, commonly called roadrunner, adopted in 1949. More: I was married briefly to a woman from Australia. new mexico state bird name

They spend most of their time running on the ground, but they can fly when they want or need to. They are very fast and agile and prey on a variety of snakes, lizards and small birds (see videos below). Official New Mexico State Bird Name: Roadrunner. American Ornithologists' Union Common Name: Greater Roadrunner.

State Bird of New Mexico. New Mexico's state bird is the Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus). Officially adopted March 16, 1949. It was adopted under the name Chaparral Bird . In Spanish, it is called El Correcaminos . The comical roadrunner prefers running to flying and has been clocked at speeds of 15 miles per hour. The New Mexico State Bird. The New Mexico state bird is the Greater Roadrunner, Geococcyx Californianus. It goes by other names, too, such as El Correcaminos, El Paisano and Chaparral Bird. This longlegged bird is in the genus of the cuckoo family. The Greater Roadrunner can normally be found in the American Southwest and SouthCentral mexico state bird name Official State Bird of New Mexico. All State Birds Also called the chaparral bird, el correcaminos, and el paisano, the iconic roadrunner inhabits desert and shrubby country in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Although a roadrunner is capable of flight, it spends most of the time on the ground,

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